Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Day Weekend, 2006

Thus commences a new blog on a new server on the eve (several eves premature) of my last year as an undergrad. So how do I celebrate? Why, by sitting home watching an episode of AIR, where FEMA is under attack.

I happened across a feature/interview in TimeOUT NY with Andrew Bujalski, writer/director of Funny Ha-Ha, regarding his new film that opened today in NYC entitled Mutual Appreciation. From what I've read, Mr. Bujalski is said to be the "Cassavetes for the Myspace generation." Now, I ran a search for this movie on, and it has a rating of 100%, which I haven't seen before. This could be due to the fact that it literally just opened today, but I think I really want to see this tomorrow.

Of the three films I'd be up for seeing this weekend, it's going to be Mutual Appreciation, Half Nelson or 13 Tzameti, all of which are supposed to be wonderful. I really haven't seen too many movies in the theater lately (other than Lunacy and Strangers With Candy), so I really want to make the effort before my income takes a major decrease and I'm rendered a part-time bookseller/student.

Meanwhile, has anyone heard anything/read about the new 9/11 Comission graphic novel? It sounds like an interesting idea, but I see it either A) being really great or B) flopping miserably.

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