Monday, May 14, 2007

Two belated articles and Bea Arthur's wardrobe

In the May 2007 edition of

An interview with Francophone-Ivorian writer Marguerite Abouet, where we discuss the translation of her graphic novel Aya into English, the image of Africa created by the Western media, and her childhood crush on Spider-Man/Peter Parker:

As an African person living in France, I don't want to see how badly the media represents the Ivory Coast. The African people have enough of these very bad, miserable images of Africa that the media will show. Even now people will still say to me, 'I'm not going to Africa because I'm really afraid to see all these miserable people.' It's almost as easy as saying you don't want to go to the United States because you're afraid to get a bullet in the head. by John Zuarino

An interview with Soft Skull author Matthew Sharpe, in which we discuss his amazing new novel Jamestown and "homosexual tendencies in the 17th century.":

The crew of the ship had their own food supply, while the settlers had theirs. The settlers used theirs up and had to trade with the crew. There's this one guy among the settlers who says, "We traded whatever we had with the crew for food," and he gives a list of things: hatchets, beads, copper trinkets, coins, muskets, and the last item on the list was "love." I just thought that one word was like a little peephole into what must have been a whole host of activities.  By John Zuarino

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And by the way, my graduation robe makes me look like I dove into Bea Arthur's wardrobe. Sequins, sequins everywhere!

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