Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sans the hideous gay hat, I'm back!

Starting now, I'm going to attempt a weekly post and eventually wean myself into more regular blogging. Bitch is back, y'all.

The other night I went to a reading (at a health spa!) featuring Peter Godwin (Mukiwa, When a Crocodile Eats the Sun), a former professor of mine who proved to be very influential over the past year (see my interview with him over at Bookslut). I was very surprised by the turnout (at least 50, young and old), and though the space was quite bizarre, it really worked in his favor.

After he read several excerpts from When a Crocodile Eats the Sun, I approached him through the crowd of people rushing downstairs for the free wine and cheese. His face sort of lit up.

"You're here!"

He eventually told me that he was glad to see me there (at least someone from that New School class and asked me how things were going. There was this moment of realization that things were starting to finally work out for me: I'm writing again, I finally left my job at the book store, I have that prospective job at BookLinks, and there are some other personal affairs that I won't share with the rest of the planet that are going much more positively than a month ago.

After Peter signed for a group of sentimental old ladies, he took my copy of Mukiwa and inscribed:

From one Book Slut to another! Best of luck from your old professor! - Peter Godwin


Since he got me to voice for myself how things are going for me at this point, I've decided to be more proactive with my work.

First things first: I'm working on turning this blog into a more full-fledged group project. This may not happen for quite a while (I need to find a good server, people to work with regularly, adspace, and, god forbid, direction).

Second: I need to return to my fiction. I haven't touched PRAYING FOR BROTHERS ON MT. PURGATORY (tentative title) since May, and I think now is better than any other time to look at it with new eyes. Of course, an unbiased set of eyes will always help. Any takers?

Third, and least imperative: I'll finally finish and post that damned Rasputina interview. The article's long dead by now to shop around, so I may as well do what I want with it rather than letting it collect digital dust on my hard drive. If I can make a podcast out of it somehow, then I will.

Coming up next: an update on possibly moving to BookLinks and the perils of being the non-profit office monkey.

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