Sunday, December 30, 2007


Did I forget to mention that I've shut the blog down for the holidays until the new year? I guess I didn't....

That's it until the new year!

Don't know what to do without me? Go see Persepolis.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The New Lit-Rock

My twin brother and I trekked the G train last night to make our way down to Barbes, a wonderful bar in Park Slope toting its own record label. One Ring Zero was playing, and I thought it'd be a treat to finally take my brother to see them.

There's this weird influx of lit-rock coming out of Brooklyn lately, and one example to catch my eye recently is Clare & the Reasons. Like ORZ, they too have a song (er..two!) on Pluto's demotion from (P)lanet to (p)lanet.

Why do I say lit-rock? Well, Clare & the Reasons may not have an album written by famous authors, but it really is still all in the lyrics. Take "Pluto" for example:

Pluto, I have some frightful news dear
in the New York Times.
They've just reported you've been overthrown
from your solar throne for good.


Now all the planets will gather around and have a thing for you.
They'll wrap their orbits warmly around you and send you off with love.
Chin up, Pluto, the stars still want you and we down here do too.
You know what to do, just keep on keeping on.

[line breaks and punctuation approximated]

With a band like this, at least for me, the appeal comes mainly with the lyrical ability. Back in August both Clare & the Reasons and One Ring Zero were featured on NPR's Morning Edition in a story about Pluto songs following the Planet's demotion. Clips and the full story can be found here.

Clare & the Reasons will be featured tomorrow on WFMU 91.1's Irene Trudel Show at 4pm, and they'll be performing at Southpaw on Thursday night.

Thimble Zine, GO!

I just bought a domain for the zine, and I've truncated the name for the world's sake. So here starts Thimble Zine! Over the next few months I'll be working on finalizing details about the webzine, reeling in writers (cough cough hint hint you should contact me cough cough) and sundry other nitbits. I'll publicly post an email contact once I figure some of that out.

Time's a go! As long as I can muster the energy to juggle the new publishing job....

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Small Press X-Mas List

I was just really tempted to write "Small Press X-Men List," but that would have just labeled me as a dork, right?

Anyway, Karen Lillis surveyed a few small press people for their x-mas shopping recs and the results are now up on the LDP Distro/Info blog. Yours truly appears at the very bottom with some great book recommendations, so go read them or else you'll destroy Christmas for everyone.

Do you really want something like that hanging over your shoulders?

Thursday, December 06, 2007


I'm just a little over halfway through this, and I'm already going to give it five stars. I've been glued to this on the G train. I want the G train to keep going so I can finish these stories before I have to read other things for my day job.

The title's perfectly apt: YOU MUST BE THIS HAPPY TO ENTER, with a happy bunny/precious moments creature staring at you from the cover, arms spread wide like a kid who can grasp the concepts of measurement to some basic degree. While these are stories for happy people, they're not saccharine. While these aren't saccharine, they're far from depressing. In one story a woman becomes a zombie and makes the best of it by going on one of those midday Lifetime reality shows where a houseful of women trump their problems by sharing gold stars and making papercrafts. All the while, you notice that there is no cynicism. None.

And you're all the happier for it.

Buy it through Akashic!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Pooh talking about bad touch? Verily disturbing. Though not as much as the line, "My, that rabbit certainly comes and goes, doesn't he?"
My father, a 67 year old, soon-to-be retired Sicilian immigrant who came to Elizabeth, NJ in 1956, loves Y: The Last Man and Pride of Baghdad. Perhaps I should be leaving books idly behind on the dining room table next time I visit. Perhaps Fun Home? If there's any better way to come out to someone like him, I'm all ears.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's the first snow of the season here in Brooklyn. To think just last week I was sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family in NJ when, after our mock grace, the lights began to flicker and we found ourselves in the middle of a humid thunderstorm. Suffice to say, it was awkward.

The webzine's coming along slowly. The first article tree is just starting to branch out, and I may have decided on a truncated URL (honestly, who's going to remember "", especially with the article attached?). Alongside some bookish articles and music interviews, we've also got a bit on Craigslist sexcapades in the works.

Until next time, I'll sit here and sip my ginger-garlic-honey-lemon tea and knock this cold from my system. And watching that tweaker on Animal Exploration is always entertaining.