Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's the first snow of the season here in Brooklyn. To think just last week I was sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with my family in NJ when, after our mock grace, the lights began to flicker and we found ourselves in the middle of a humid thunderstorm. Suffice to say, it was awkward.

The webzine's coming along slowly. The first article tree is just starting to branch out, and I may have decided on a truncated URL (honestly, who's going to remember "", especially with the article attached?). Alongside some bookish articles and music interviews, we've also got a bit on Craigslist sexcapades in the works.

Until next time, I'll sit here and sip my ginger-garlic-honey-lemon tea and knock this cold from my system. And watching that tweaker on Animal Exploration is always entertaining.

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