Sunday, December 16, 2007

The New Lit-Rock

My twin brother and I trekked the G train last night to make our way down to Barbes, a wonderful bar in Park Slope toting its own record label. One Ring Zero was playing, and I thought it'd be a treat to finally take my brother to see them.

There's this weird influx of lit-rock coming out of Brooklyn lately, and one example to catch my eye recently is Clare & the Reasons. Like ORZ, they too have a song (er..two!) on Pluto's demotion from (P)lanet to (p)lanet.

Why do I say lit-rock? Well, Clare & the Reasons may not have an album written by famous authors, but it really is still all in the lyrics. Take "Pluto" for example:

Pluto, I have some frightful news dear
in the New York Times.
They've just reported you've been overthrown
from your solar throne for good.


Now all the planets will gather around and have a thing for you.
They'll wrap their orbits warmly around you and send you off with love.
Chin up, Pluto, the stars still want you and we down here do too.
You know what to do, just keep on keeping on.

[line breaks and punctuation approximated]

With a band like this, at least for me, the appeal comes mainly with the lyrical ability. Back in August both Clare & the Reasons and One Ring Zero were featured on NPR's Morning Edition in a story about Pluto songs following the Planet's demotion. Clips and the full story can be found here.

Clare & the Reasons will be featured tomorrow on WFMU 91.1's Irene Trudel Show at 4pm, and they'll be performing at Southpaw on Thursday night.

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