Monday, March 24, 2008

Bookslut's latest heartthrob: NPR's Dave Isay

My latest entry into the Bookslut Indie Heartthrob Interview Series is NPR's Dave Isay (founder and director of StoryCorps and Sound Portraits). Go check out the interview over at the Blog of a Bookslut.

From the interview:

We've recorded 18,000 interviews with 35 or 36,000 participants. I think the piece we aired this morning [March 21, 2008] on Morning Edition was un-fucking believably powerful. Did you get a chance to hear it? I thought it was a piece that really knocked my socks off, particularly taken in the context of Senator Obama's speech on Tuesday. The story we recorded was part of our Griot initiative, this at-large African American oral history tour that we've been on for the past year where we've recorded the stories of about 2,000 African American families. It's the largest African American oral history project since the slave narratives were recorded in the 1930's by the WPA. This is a story from our last stop a couple of weeks ago in Montgomery, AL, and you just gotta listen to it. It's pretty amazing.

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