Friday, April 18, 2008

The shoes you lent me, they don't seem to fit the same.

While I try to juggle building a webzine, turning a company into a small press (how? HOW?!), interviewing authors, and developing children's books with queer/feminist leanings, I try to find ways to keep grounded, ways to bind those little nooks in my brain so they don't unravel and leave a weird film all over the place. This week I dug under my bed and found the album that defined my adolescence, for better or for worse. And that album was...

theSTART's Shakedown!

I don't know if anyone else remembers this or if I'm the only one at this point, but this was maybe one of the first albums in that annoying wave of new-new wave back in 2001. But it was good. Really fucking good. Throw in a little No Doubt, a little Immaculate Collection, a little Siouxsie Sioux from her Superstition era, and you've got Aimee Echo telling me to put on some new dancing shoes and dance to whatever I want to dance to. It was like a poppier version of the Footloose moral.

Aside from all that, looking back I realize that this was also a bizarrely positive record to be into for some little goth kid in New Jersey (I left those clothes in my hometown years ago, so stop worrying). Like I said before, Echo had the whole dance to whatever etc. etc. deal going as well as some simple yet thought-provoking lyrics (a love song to the beings from above in "Communion," love as a sticky syrup metaphor in "Gorgeous," Echo and the Roman goddess Nemesis in "Nemesis").

And now I've been walking all over Greenpoint and possibly rupturing my eardrums with these happy pop songs from my past. It makes me wish I was 17 again. Almost, but not really.

If I figure out how to share some of these songs, I will. Blasted blogger.

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