Friday, June 20, 2008

Liz Miele

I just wanted to help out a friend and say that Liz Miele (a close personal friend of mine) will be making her television debut tonight on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham. She's the only female comic on the episode (that still bothers me that they do that regularly), and, frankly, I think she and like one of the other comics this week are the only funny people that will be appearing tonight. This includes Theo Von. Yes. Theo. From Road Rules. Remember how he played the racist character on the show who redeemed himself? Well, it looks like it didn't last.

If it's any consolation, the power went out halfway through his set during the taping. They made him start over, and the planted audience members really shined with how well they can force laughter. I'd love to be paid to slap my knee and have it come off as genuine.

You'll also see the back of my head about 8,000 times on tonight's episode. Maybe once or twice during Paul Ogata's set you'll see me shaking my head in pure disgust at the planted laugh-girl sitting at the table in front of me. We get it. Asian jokes. Did she really find them that funny, or was it the booze and free money she was laughing about?

Anyway, check out Liz's profile on and tune in tonight. There are a few more clips floating around on the Live at Gotham website.

Here's a deleted scene:

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Liz said...

Thanks John! - lets make out and hold hands!!!